A southern, honest, and responsible dog breeder

Southern Platinum Cane Corso is a reputable Dog Breeder based out of middle Tennessee. We strive to breed the best CANE CORSO period. ICCF and FCI registered! Bloodlines & Pedigree is a must here; Great temperament, excellent structure, and characteristics are held at a high standard. Our dogs are our family. These dogs cost serious money. If your a window shopper don't contact us. We have serious cane corsos for serious people! We focus on preserving true cane corso bloodlines; Bel-monte, Molossian, Scandifio, Mike Sottile original bloodlines, along with multiple international champion Bocci lines/ world champion Brutus (X-man), world champion Dei Dauni Conan. There is a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT ON ALL PUPPY PURCHASES ‼️‼️ Remember this breed is NOT CHEAP; Do your research before you waste our time! Because time is precious folks, and we have the best kick ass corsos to raise!


Our Males

Stud Perfection 

Kallahban Corleone

Our king he has excellent temperament & drive. His bloodlines are stacked with world champion & grand champion! Old Bel-monte, Scandifio, Dei Dauni Conan, Molossian & White Paloma to name a few. He is what a true Stud Cane Corso should look like. Bloodlines run deep at Southern Platinum!


Manson Charlie

Our Prince his temperament is second to none. He knows when & where he needs to get serious & is the definition of loyal. He is a certified service dog, but a ton of training has gone into his ability to do so, since this is such a reactive and protective bloodline. He comes from World champion bloodlines & 5x international champion blood. His cream color has history in the Cane Corso breed all the way back to 1950's Italy where farmers used & bred them. He represents what Excellent import blood/pedigree looks like!

Duke of Earl

A Southern Platinum production, from Kharma Calypso and Manson Charlie. Black brindle beast. His bloodlines are rustic true italian working dogs. Temperment of a true working dog as well! Just like his mother (Kharma) if your not family your an enemy.  Best combinations of Bocci lines and Mike Sottile blood. Also has Romans and Bel Monte in there. He has the look and structure of true cane corsos from the past, and still maintains an incredible amount of championships in his pedigree. 


Our Females

Breeding Perfection

Kharma Calypso

Our Queen is a true definition of a old school Cane Corso. Back when Cane de Presa, neopolitan mastiff & Cane Corso where the same dogs. She has the look of Corso's from the past. She comes from Mike Sottile old bloodlines with over 20+ champions in her pedigree! We love that she is a TRUE Corso meaning she has a WAR temperament a true PROTECTOR in every sense! She will protect her loved one's all the way ❤💖 A true blue brindle beauty.


Monroe Marilyn

She is a Southern Platinum production, from Kharma Calypso and Manson Charlie. Jet black with faint brindle markings. Her bloodlines are rustic true italian working dogs. Best combinations of Bocci lines and Mike Sottile blood. Also has Romans and Bel Monte in there. She has the look and structure of true cane corsos from the past, and still maintains an incredible amount of championships in her pedigree.


Our New litters

Next Generation

Kallahban Corleone x Kharma Calypso 

Kallahban and Kharma puppies are finally here!! We welcomed five beautiful females and four big headed males on March 11th and they  will be ready to go home the first week of May. This litter is all shades of grey, soft as a cloud, and wont be here long. The best of the best; True rustic Italian bloodlines. Old original Ed Hodas Bel Monte and Mike Sottile Original Alaric bloodlines. As well as Italian Dei Dauni bloodlines. TOO MANY CHAMPIONS TO LIST (but can prove). multiple picks already gone, get in on this litter while you still can!!


Pink collar female


available pups

Green collar female


Blue collar female

Kallahban Corleone x Monroe Marilyn

Platinum puppies are available. True Italian bloodlines. Ed Hodas Bel Monte, rustic Michele Bocci, and original Mike Sottile Alaric bloodlines. Never before that we know of have these pedigrees been combined. Dont miss out on this one of a kind litter. If your looking for the best true cane corso look no further!!!!


Orange collar 


Green collar 



Green collar


Pink collar


Blue collar


Purple collar